Hackathon Poster & Badge

In August 2015 we had our very first 24 hour Hackathon at Canva. I was given the opportunity to design some collateral for the event. I designed a poster, badge and got t-shirts printed for the team. All the typography in the poster and badge I drew from hand and recreated in illustrator. The poster was printed and hung it in the office leading up to and during the event.


Hackathon Event Poster


Hackathon Badge

Things I've Learned

Getting anything done, means setting a deadline. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to work on a lettering piece and thrown in the towel mid way. By choosing to do a poster for the event I knew it would force me to get something completed.

There’s no “right way” to do things. Seeing amazing work from designers like Jessica Hische, Luca Ionescu and Ben Johnston can lead you to think there is a "right way" to lettering or they know some secret technique. Even though I do learn a lot by observing their work, I’ve come to the conclusion there is no “right way”. It’s what works for you. I still love seeing how these designers work but I only use their ideas to improve my process.

Don’t worry about the outcome. There’s always some disconnect between what you first imagine for a project and your final outcome. Sometimes it’ll be not as good as what you thought, or simply different. There’s always so many things you could change once you’ve finished. The point however is finishing your project and shipping it. Good or bad. You’ll learn so much along the way that next time you’ll be create something even better, which is the best outcome.